At Montessori Bambini Preschool and Family Child Care, we are committed to cultivating love of learning through positive, peaceful, and nurturing environment based on authentic Montessori principles.


Montessori Teacher

A Montessori teacher has a significantly different role from the role of a teacher in a traditional school. A Montessori teacher takes to heart the needs, individual talents and interests of each child. She guides and offers each child motivation and stimulation to achieve their full individual potential. Therefore, we often use the terms guide or directress. A Montessori guide prepares the environment, gets children in touch with the materials and demonstrates their proper use. As the pace of development of each child is unique, the guide is genuinely aware of each child’s needs, interests and progress, and would present the next activity to introduce a new, but attainable challenge. Through this methodical approach children learn in their own way at their own pace, which makes the learning a joyful experience.


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Our Staff - Mira-Mirjana Vukmirovic (Owner/Operator)

Mirjana was born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, and graduated from the University of Sarajevo, with a Bachelor degree in Architecture. Before she moved to Canada in 1998, she lived in Germany for over 5 years. Her first experience with the wonderful world of Montessori was in 2001. Mirjana’s friend, a Montessori teacher for many years, allowed her to volunteer in her class for several months, introducing her to the Montessori Method. After that, Mirjana decided to take the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Teacher Training at the Montessori Training Centre of BC. She is also a holder of a valid ECE License.

From 2003 to 2006, Mira had the experience and pleasure of guiding a classroom of children from two and a half to six years old. She helped to transform a preschool to an All Day Montessori Program and managed Village Montessori in Crescent Beach, BC. She opened Montessori Bambini in February 2007, and since then she is passionately and tirelessly working on further developing and improving her unique establishment.

In her spare time, Mira enjoys reading, yoga, traveling, backpacking, camping, hiking, trail running, and cycling. To Mira, the Montessori philosophy is more than a career or job. It is truly bound to her as a way of life.


Lily Zdralo


Occasional helper/Substitute Teacher



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