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Montessori Bambini is an inspiring, home based learning environment following authentic Montessori philosophy. Our curriculum is internationally recognized and implemented in Montessori schools across North America and around the world. Our small group size allows for more individual attention for each child. We provide a carefully prepared and structured environment in which children can develop and learn in a natural way. The setting nurtures and satisfies the needs of your child’s development enabling them to reach their fullest individual potential.
Montessori Bambini setting is safe, comfortable, nurturing, and familiar to your young child. Children feel at ease and enjoy an environment that feels like an extension of their home.

At Montessori Bambini, the group consists of children between 2 ½ to 6 years of age. Mixed age groups in the Montessori environment is what makes the dynamics of the classroom successful. Younger children learn from older children and older ones benefit from being leaders and role models. This assists older children in building self-confidence, learning to be patient and developing greater understanding and acceptance of their younger classmates. Younger children benefit from watching older peers do their work. It makes them strive and look forward to future challenges and new lessons.


The Montessori method nurtures self-motivation since a child learns to find pleasure in their work. A child is encouraged to work with a piece of material as long as needed to master a skill and advances to the next step as soon as they are ready.

Freedom in The Montessori Environment

To become independent, children have to develop coordination and control of movement. Children are given the opportunity to acquire motor coordination and control of their bodies in a defined space through freedom of movement and freedom to choose their own activities. Montessori education is based on RESPECT. Respect for oneself, respect for one another, and respect for the environment.
At Montessori Bambini we insist on following that principle.  


Idea of freedom in the Montessori environment is a freedom within boundaries. A child can work and play freely as long as he/she respects others. If children have the freedom to pursue their own curiosity they are usually content, which allows for a natural occurrence of self-discipline and respect for others and the environment.


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